do you want to write art reviews


Do You want to Write Art Reviews

Art Review Journal is part of the respected painters TUBES magazine. This is a platform that wishes to carry the painters TUBES project to a new level. Artists of all dimensions are invited to put their thoughts about Art in writing, supported by images, into an online publication that is given Free online and available (to order) in print. Photographers, Sculptors, Painters, Art Journalists, Video Creators, in fact all creatives can join us in this independent arts project – Those who Join and welcomed into our Art Project are Not expected to write for Nothing.

This is a partnership offer ….from Art-Reviews Journal

A small financial payment is initially paid for each article and also a 50% share of any Printed Journal will be given. No signed contracts are required – Send in an example or an outline of what you would like to ‘talk’ about in writing or on a video by completing the form below. Or send your example of past writing(s) by email to:

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